Azienda Vitivinicola Lino e Federico Filippi

The Filippi family has a long tradition in vinegrowing and winemaking with great care and passion.

The winery produces the grapes from which the jewels of the Friuli tradition are obtained, and the Filippis are always happy to welcome those who are willing to enjoy the flavour of their high quality products.

The wine producing company Casali Aurelia is member of the Consorzio DOC Friuli Annia, whose geografic area is crossed by the State highway 14, in the footsteps of the old Roman Strada Annia, built in131 b.C. The vocation for vinegrowing of the Friuli-Annia zone was already known and apreciated during the roman period as prooved by historians of that age as well as by the discovery of many villas and country houses with several reperts of wine amphorae.

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Località Casali Aurelia 3 - S.S. 14 San Giorgio di Nogaro/Muzzana - 33050 Castions di Strada (UD) - T.+39 0432 769293 - F. +39 0431 66415