Azienda Vitivinicola Lino e Federico Filippi

The vineyards are situated in the central-southern area of the province of Udine, characterized by the typically mild and breezy climate from Marano lagoon to the south. This climate contributes to the production of lively white wines which are particularly suited to the locally caught fish. Clay in the soil lends the red wines a distinct flavour which goes well with all types of meat.

The vineyards have almost all been reimplanted with the new selections, coming from the cooperative nursery in Rauscedo, which guarantees the peculiarity to each vine. The implants are very close and completely grass covered in order to obtain a perfect balance between the production pro vine and the contribution of substances to the soil.

Località Casali Aurelia 3 - S.S. 14 San Giorgio di Nogaro/Muzzana - 33050 Castions di Strada (UD) - T.+39 0432 769293 - F. +39 0431 66415