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Intense ruby-red wine. Full, fragrant, slightly herbaceous bouquet which resembles sour cherry, raspberry, blackberry and bilberry. If aged, the bouquet is enriched with a spicy hint. Dry and tasty. It is combined with white and red meat, roasts, and semi-aged cheese.

Tasting temperature: ca. 18° - 20°C.


The wine is obtained by the homonymous vineyard, particularly appreciated for its taste both before and after seasoning when its taste is more enhanced. It has a red-ruby colour with garnet nuances depending on the seasoning; it has an intense fragrance and a full harmonious flavour. It is usually offered not seasoned.

Best temperature to be served of 18 - 20°C.


It is a deep ruby-red wine, nearly purple. Intense, delicate, fruit-like bouquet, when aged it is enriched with vanilla, liquorice and spices fragrances. Full and velvet-like taste, excellent when served with roasts, chicken or hard cheese.

Tasting temperature: ca. 18° - 20° C.


It is obtained from the Malbech grape and the colour is ruby red, while the taste is slightly sweet with notes of raspberries. It can accompany stewed white meats and light second courses in a perfect way.

To be served at 16°-18° C.


It is a vivid ruby-red wine. It has an intense fragrance and a harmonious characteristic flavour. Dry, tannic, fresh, spicy, with not high alcoholic strength. Full-bodied and harmonious taste. To be combined with stews of white and red meats, and cold cuts.

Serve at 15 - 16° C


Certified origin wine produced through a maturing process in rosé of one or more of the black grapes varieties. Gentle rose-coloured; fragrant and winy bouquet. Dry and harmonious taste. To be combined with appetisers and ham, soups and rice, fresh cheese.

Served at 14-16° C.

REFOSCO dal Peduncolo Rosso (Refosco with red peduncle)

It is a ruby-red colored with violet shadows, slightly herbaceous with shadows of dry plums, wild blackberries and underbrush, sapid, slightly tannic, bodied, and pleasantly bitterish wine. It is a table red wine which can accompany roasted white meats as well as stewed meat.

To be served at 16°-18° C.

Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Sauvignon
Refosco del Peduncolo Rosso

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